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Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in Osceola Science Charter School. Osceola Science Charter School is a STEM-focused, tuition-free, public charter school serving grades K-8.

We have implemented a new Online Application process that encompasses our entire school system. In this new format, you will see information for Osceola Science Charter School and also our other system schools Orlando Science Charter School and Seminole Science Charter School. Please disregard the information for the other system schools if you are only interested in applying to Osceola Science Charter School.

If, however, you want to apply to more than one school in our system (e.g. Osceola Science Charter School and Orlando Science Charter School) you may do so very easily by putting one as your First School of Choice and the other as your Second School of Choice within one Online Application. Your student will then be included in the Lottery Drawing/Waitlist for both of the selected schools according to the choice order submitted.


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Please contact our campus Registrar at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Age Requirement
Incoming Kindergarten and First Grade students must meet the minimum age requirements as specified in Florida Statue.
Students who currently reside in Osceola County will be given priority. Applicants must provide verification of Osceola County residency at the time of enrollment. Exceptions may be made for those in the process of relocating to Osceola County on a case-by-case basis with the deadline to submit verification no later than one month following the Lottery Drawing.
Once a student has gained admission to Osceola Science Charter School, they are not required to complete Online Applications or Lottery Drawing Procedures for each following year. Existing students receive a Re-Enrollment form on which they indicate whether they intend to return for the following school year.
Students who specify on their Re-Enrollment form that they intend to return will be saved a seat.
Students who withdraw from the school are required to reapply and go through the lottery and waitlist process to try again for readmission.
Open Enrollment Window & Online Application
Osceola Science Charter School is accepting applications for Kindergarten through 8th Grade.
Online Applications received during the Open Application Window will be included in the Lottery Drawing. Online Applications received following the Open Application Window will be added to the end of the waitlist in the order they are received.
Upon successful completion of the Online Application, you will receive an on-screen confirmation, as well as an email confirmation. You will also be able to revisit your account Dashboard at any time to view your submissions. If you do not receive confirmation, please check your spam folder or try to resubmit using a different browser or device. No further communication will be sent until a spot becomes available for your student.
Duplicate entries are removed prior to the Lottery Drawing process ensuring each student only has one application being considered during the drawing.
Please Note: Online Applications remain valid only for the school year for which they were submitted. If your student is not drawn in the Lottery, or selected from the Waitlist, please remember to resubmit an Online Application for the following school year when it becomes available in the Fall.
Sibling Policy
The Sibling Policy is strictly reserved for siblings. Extended family members, friends, etc; do not qualify for Sibling preference. The only exception is in instances of Educational or Legal Guardianship being awarded to the parent of an existing student for a student who is not a sibling.
Existing Students
For students currently enrolled with Osceola Science Charter School, should the family wish for another sibling to begin attending the school, they provide that information on the annual Re-Enrollment form and complete the Online Application for the new student. Open seats will be offered first to waiting siblings, and then to students on the Standard Waitlist.
Admission Policy
Osceola Science Charter School is open to any student who is eligible to attend traditional Osceola County Public Schools and submit a timely application. The school will admit students of any race, color, national origin, religion, or gender.
The deadlines for Open Enrollment, Online Applications, Lottery Date, and Open Houses will be publicly announced on the school website and available through the front office.
As provided for in Florida's Charter School Legislation, the school will give enrollment priority to the following student populations:
  • Students who are siblings of a student currently enrolled in the school.
  • Students who are the children of an employee or Governing Board Member of the school.
  • Students who are currently attending within the Osceola Science Charter School System once they become Osceola County residents. (Orlando Science Charter School and Seminole Science Charter School)
If students in these categories exceed vacancies, a lottery will be held.
Students with an active or pending expulsion on their record, an expulsion that occurred within the past 12 months, or an expulsion that occurred prior to the start of the application school year are not considered for enrollment at Osceola Science Charter School.
Failure To Disclose an expulsion on a student's application and/or enrollment form violates the Terms and Conditions of the form and will result in immediate dismissal of the application and/or withdrawal of the student.
If a student is offered enrollment and has an expulsion on record that occurred within the past 3 years, documentation of the expulsion will be required for review by the campus administration prior to finalizing the enrollment. Additionally, disciplinary documentation may also be requested to support the final enrollment determination.
Open Houses
Open Houses provide an opportunity for families to explore the campus, meet students and staff, and attend a presentation that will highlight up-to-date information regarding the school's programs. The dates and times of upcoming Open Houses are at the top of this page.
Waitlist Policy
Students who are not drawn in the Lottery will remain on the Waitlist until the end of the school year. Any positions that open following the Lottery will be offered first to waitlist Siblings and then to students on the Standard Waitlist.
The number of students on the Waitlist varies from grade to grade and year to year based on the movement of existing students and capacity changes. A student's Waitlist position can be monitored by visiting the snap code link sent out within one week of the Lottery Drawing. The snap code link is unique to each student and reflects the most up-to-date Waitlist information. The snap code link for those applying outside of the Open Enrollment window may not be available for several weeks following the submission of the application.
New Enrollees
When submitting an Online Application, be certain to complete the application for all children within the same family from the same PowerSchool account. Also, include the Sibling details in each application in the appropriate Sibling section. By doing so, members of the same family will be linked in order to easily identify them for Sibling priority should one or more be offered enrollment.
While we would like to enroll all siblings at the same time, it is sometimes not immediately possible due to capacity restrictions for each grade.

Controlled Open Enrollment

Osceola Science Charter School has implemented a Controlled Open Enrollment Plan as of the 2017 to 2018 School Year. in compliance with State regulations. The school will allow a parent from any school district in the state, whose child is not subject to a current expulsion or suspension, to enroll his or her child in the transport of his or her child to our school provided that we have not yet reached capacity, subject to the maximum class size which is mandated by the State of Florida. The school would be considered "Not at Capacity" if all in-county applicants have been offered a spot but vacancies still remain. At that point, out-of-county applicants would be contacted.

Transportation service is not currently available.

Students who currently attend Osceola Science Charter School and move out-of-county will have the option of remaining enrolled as Transfer students.

Transfers will remain in effect unless:

  • The student is excessively tardy or absent as per Osceola County policy.
  • The parents are excessively late picking students up from the After School Care Program.
  • The student is referred for disciplinary action.

If any of these occur, the student will be withdrawn.





Below is the seat availability by grade level for the current school year. The majority of the school’s vacancies are filled during the annual lottery drawing held each January. Interested families are encouraged to submit an online application in order to have their student added to the Waitlist for any potential future openings and to be included in the lottery drawing. Updates to the table are made every 12 weeks.

Information in the table below is current as of 06/13/2024

 For additional information please click below.

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Last updated: 06/13/2024

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