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  MATH OLYMPIAD                                             

Our Math Olympiad Teams have been highly recognized not only in the Osceola County but Nationwide. To reinforce concepts, our 5th and 6th grade Mathletes are prepared for Math Olympiad events by solving problems such as Math Counts, AMC8, and Math League.


In 2022 we had our Math Olympiad Team led by one of our teachers, Ms. Yesenko. During the Sum Dog Osceola County Math Contest our team won 1st place and 22nd in the Nation. The following students also were awarded individually:


  • Elizabeth Samovich: Got awarded 1st place in Osceola County and 2nd place Nationwide. This student dominated the competition, scoring higher than over 26,500 students.
  • Ashhad Mohammad: Got awarded 2nd place in Osceola County.


And many more of our Math Olympiad Team placed in the top 50 on Osceola County!


Another Math Olympiad Team led by Mr. Tayfan participated in one of our sister schools at Seminole Science Charter School in 2022 and got awarded 2nd place. Math League is the largest network of local and state math competitions in elementary, middle, and high school levels in the United States and abroad.

  ROBOTICS VEX                                                 

In 2022 our Robotics VEX Team was led by Ms. Leikness, Mr. McDaniel, Ms. Chia and Mr. Lopez and competed at the West Wood Middle School in Gainesville. We are proud of their performance during this event. Our team were awarded with Judges Award, Design Award and Excellence Award as well as Team Champions. Our team will be heading next year 2023 to the Florida North/Central State Championships because of their outsanding performance during this event.


Our Robotics VEX Team also participated at Roboticon Rumble in Tampa in 2022. During this event, our team brought home the Innovate Award, Jodges Award and Think Award. Our Robotics VEX Team continue to impress with their designs, collaboration and desire for competition. The Robotics program is thriving to provide the best and most robust VEX program in the Kissimmee area and we do this by providing opportunities for students to participate in competitions where teams from all over the country come to take part.

  SCIENCE OLYMPIAD                                         

We are proud of our student's achievements in the Science Olympiad program. We teach our students in a way that brings them desire in participation in science. We bring concepts and opportinuties for students to develop and learn the importance in science. Our Science Olympiad Team led by Mr. Avsar and Ms. Avsar participated at the Dodgen-Walton Invitational Science Olypiad event. Our team recieved 1st and 2nd place awards in WIDI, 4th place in Food Science and 5th place in Rocks and Minerals and 6th place in Solar System.


At the Boyceville Invitational 2022 Stellite SO event our tems earned 2nd place in Food Science, 5th place in WIDI, and 5th place in Crimebusters.

  MUSIC PERFORMANCE                                    

Osceola Science Charter School had the largest performing arts production in school history having every grade level perform various songs. This team led by Mr. Humphries in 2021 with the collaboration of our Dance Club Team our Music Performance Team prepared two holiday dances that were a smah hit. The Choir Club and Drama Club had their debut performances as well in collaboration with our Music Performance Team. The night concluded with the first ever performance by the Osceola Science Charter School String Orchestra, which comprised of our middle school students. These performances produced record breaking turnouts as 4 shows were performed across two separate nights.

  DANCE CLUB                                                     

Over 70% of our Dance Club Team consisted of performers who had no experience in dance or public apperance, however, their performances are well known in the Osceola County Schools. The show from our Winter Concert exceeded expectations for performance and attract a lot of attention for their unique choreographies and skills. Since then, our Dance Club Team have participated in many events.


Our team, will be participating in a competition in Deltona, FL in 2023. Best of luck to our Dance Club Team!

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