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Here at Osceola Science Charter School, we are very recognized for our Robotics infrastructure and education to students. Robotics is not only the future, it is also the present. By familiarizing students with programming, sensors, and automation, they develop critical computational thinking skills needed to succeed in both the 21st century's workforce and in everyday life.

Beyond science and engineering principles, VEX Robotics solutions encourage creativity, teamwork, leadership, passion, and problem-solving among groups. That's why VEX is committed to advancing Robotics education as leaders in STEM, making it easy to implement and being your partner along the way!

Educational Robotics gives students ownership over their learning. Giving students real choices in the classroom through educational Robotics can boost their engagement and motivation, allow them to capitalize on their strengths, and enable them to meet their learning needs. Robotics helps students feel a sense of autonomy, capability, and relatedness.

The following are some awards the students here at Osceola Science Charter School were given for their hard work


Robotics Awards


The study of educational Robotics affords a wide variety of learning opportunities because it has STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as its prerequisites. Robotics is always interdisciplinary in ways that are tangible and applicable to students. Students gain an understanding and knowledge through the connecting of concepts from each of the STEM domains. Activities involving Robotics necessitate that students collaborate, think computationally troubleshoot, and innovate all fundamental skills for 21st-century learners and eventually, 21st-century professionals.

For more information on Robotics VEX please visit the following website: VEX Robotics.

Last Updated: 6/27/2023

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