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Clubs ActivitiesOsceola Science Charter School strives to create a school environment in which children are exposed to many facets of learning in order to allow them to become well-rounded individuals. It is our hope that through providing children with a well-rounded curricular program coupled with a variety of extra-curricular activities we will expose children to opportunities for learning that may broaden their horizons and foster an interest that may become a life-long career path or interest.

OSCS prides itself on being able to provide a variety of activities that will appeal to a variety of students and interests and it is our belief that the activities that we offer will provide children with opportunities for growth and learning on many levels. We continue to seek to expand and tailor our extra- curricular programs to meet the needs of the student population that we serve and continue to look for ways to continue to improve our activities. The activities are held based upon student interest and faculty availability.

We encourage every child at OSCS to find their niche in our school and become a part of one of the programs or activities being offered. We feel that by encouraging children to explore opportunities for growth and learning we are best preparing them to leave the elementary school environment and enter the junior high school. We ask you to support your child in finding activities that best meet their needs and interests. Parents are also an active part of our activities here at OSCS and we invite you to be a part of the programming here as much as you are able and welcome your participation in our activities at whatever level you choose.

The clubs and activities listed in this guide are clubs available to the students at OSCS. The clubs and activities offered in any given year are determined by faculty sponsorship and interest. Clubs are subject to cancelation based upon attendance. In order to provide an enriching environment, some clubs may require a small fee. These fees are due within four weeks.

Attendance is mandatory for all clubs. Students, who have two unexcused absences from a club, will be dropped from the club. A letter will be sent home to the student's parent/guardian. Fees are nonrefundable in most cases. Students are not expected to leave early from a club frequently.

A waiting list will be kept for each club. If an opening is created in a club, the student, and parent/guardian, added to the club will be notified. OSCS will seek opportunities for additional clubs throughout the year and will advertise them on an as needed basis.


 Please click here to see OSCS Club Description Guide

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