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▪ Is there a hybrid between distance learning and face to face learning?

o No, we are not offering a hybrid option. We are only offering two options currently.

o Face to Face: students who choose this model come to school 5 days a week and will learn in the classroom under CDC guidelines.

o Digital Learning: students who choose this model will learn from home and follow the school day schedule through teacher led live zoom classroom instruction sessions, recorded instructional sessions, and some independent assignments. Teachers will have office hours for zoom conferences to answer student/ parent questions.

What is Digital Learning?

OSCS digital learning model is designed to have students to continue to learn at home while keeping their enrollment status at Osceola Science Charter School. This model is recommended for families who do not feel comfortable to start the school year with face to face learning. Please see the following information for general guidelines of digital learning:

  • Students will follow the regular school day schedule with a slight difference with face to face learning. Teachers will hold orientation about specifics of the schedule.
  • The school day for digital learning will be from 8 AM to 2:50 PM Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and 8 AM – 1:50 PM on Wed with planned breaks.
  • 6th and 7th-grade students will follow period by period schedule. Middle school students and parents will have a different informational webinar to go over specifics about the Middle School schedule.
  • Instructions will be provided by OSCS teachers
  • Both learning models will provide standard based instruction that is both rigorous and interactive
  • Pacing will be aligned with face to face learning. When students are transitioned to the traditional school system, students will be able to continue their education without interruption.
  • As the curriculum will mirror face to face learning, instructions will be provided virtually by the teachers. Based on parent feedback, students will be in teacher lead instruction instead of teacher meetings only.
  • OSCS will use ZOOM video conferencing portal during instructions
  • We will also provide admin or teacher meetings based on student/parent need.
  • Progress monitoring will be provided by the administration and teachers.
  • Students are expected to work well independently at home with their teachers during the virtual sessions.
  • Students also should be familiar with basic computer skills and enjoy online interactions.
  • Students will be assigned homework and projects as they would have assignments during the traditions school model. STEM education will continue virtually.

We are going to provide parent webinars and orientations to provide more detailed information and procedures about the face to face and digital learning systems in the following weeks. We will announce the dates very soon.

▪ How will digital learning be different from last year?

o Based upon parent feedback, you can expect more teacher led activities and virtual interaction with your child and their classmates. The school will continue to use iReady, Study Island, etc, however, teachers will meet with students’ multiple times per day, instead of only a morning meeting.

If my student is late signing in at a specific time, are they considered late for the day or is there a grace period?

o Yes, students will be marked tardy. Attendance is required and monitored. Teachers will deliver live lessons and support.

How will digital students be supported; will materials be sent home like FLVS?

o Digital Learning teachers will be using the same curriculum as those teachers in a classroom-based model and students will have a digital and hard copy of these materials. Based on request, hard copies of material can be picked up at school.

How will children be connected daily as in a regular class?

o If the Digital Learning model is selected by the family, students will be required to log in and follow the schedule provided by the teacher. Each teacher will be provided a schedule to follow, to ensure all subjects are being addressed. The teacher will share the schedule with the students.

▪ How long do we have to commit to digital learning?

o The initial choice will be for the semester. After the first semester, the school will assess its models and potentially allow more on campus learners. Conversely, if conditions worsened, add more students to the Digital Learning program.

If a student starts with digital learning, can they switch to face to face learning before the semester ends?

o We are asking that once you choose your learning model, you stay with that model for the semester. It is in the best interest of the student to be consistent with their learning model.

▪ After December can a student switch back to face to face learning?

o If digital learning is still an option but you would like face to face learning, you may transition to that model. The initial choice will be for the first semester. After the first semester, the school will assess its models and potentially allow more on

campus learners. Conversely, if conditions worsened, we would add more students to the Digital Learning program.

▪ Can we change our choice of learning model before the first day of school?

o Parents will be given an opportunity to change their selection by August 3rd. That link will be sent out soon.

If my student starts with digital learning then transitions to face to face, will they have the same teacher?

o We will try to keep students with the same teacher if schedules allow it. In K-5, teachers will be assigned to either a Digital Learning group or on campus group. Therefore, students transitioning to face-to-face, will be placed with a teacher delivering face-to-face lessons at their instructional level.

If my student starts with face to face can they switch to digital learning before the semester is over if I feel the conditions are unsafe?

o Yes. If safety concerns arise, will allow only the change from face-to-face to Digital Learning. Once the change is made, parents will be required to commit to a minimum 18 weeks in Digital Learning.

How many students will there be per class for face to face learning?

o This number varies based on CDC guidelines and the number of students who choose the on-campus option. The size of the classroom may also affect this number. Students will be spaced out as much as possible per CDC guidelines.

When will I know if my child is in an accelerated classroom?

o Returning students with current data will be placed accordingly. We will reassess placements once beginning of the year assessment are completed for all students. We will finalize placements once students complete their beginning of year assessments. We use student data to place students. Students with an active EP are automatically placed in accelerated classes.

If my student was in an accelerated class, will they be in an accelerated class for the new school year?

o We use current student data to place students. Students with an active EP are automatically placed in accelerated classes.

▪ Will accelerated classes be offered digitally?

o Yes. Classes will be continued to be leveled based upon assessments from the previous school year and that took place over the summer.

▪ Will there be before care and aftercare?

o We do understand that many families need this program and we will work our best to provide it. We will provide this service based on survey results and staffing.

▪ How will online classes be grouped?

o Classes will be continued to be leveled based upon current data and will be reevaluate once new data becomes available. New adjustments will be made if needed.

▪ Will student be confined to their classroom all day?

o Students will have outside breaks for recess, but social distancing rules will still apply, and no contact games will be played or games that require a ball or equipment that involves more than one person to touch at a time.

▪ Will there be P.E?

o Student will still have P.E classes. If weather permits, student will have P.E outside to encourage getting fresh air and more room to move around.

▪ Will students be switching classrooms?

o Elementary students will be switching classrooms as least as possible. The specials teachers will come to their classroom for their specials class. For some grades that are departmentalized, those teachers will go to the classroom their students are in. For example: Ms. Smith and Mr. Jones team teach 5th grade. Instead of the students switching classrooms the teachers will switch classrooms.

How many hours a day do students need to attend class?

o Face to face students are expected that students attend a full day of school as usual. Digital learning students are expected to follow the school day schedule.

Do we need to purchase the uniform even if we do digital learning?

o It is recommended that you purchase the school uniform now for when we resume at 100% face to face, your child will be ready. If your child is digital learner, we strongly encourage students to wear a uniform to create more professional or appropriate learning environment, especially when on a ZOOM session with the teacher or class.

Will there be clubs and sports?

o At this time, we will not be hosting clubs or sports to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Academic teams will be meeting and will be following the CDC guidelines.

▪ What will drop off and pick up look like?

o Drop off and pick up times will have staggered times for elementary and middle school. We are expecting less students on campus which will lessen the carline wait time. We will have more information to come.

▪ What is the school supply list?

o Supply lists are posted on our school websites


▪ Will there be field trips?

o As of now all field trips and in-house performance or activities have been canceled. Teachers will plan virtual field trips that align with the Florida state standards.

▪ Will there be an open house?

o We will be hosting a digital Open House for all learners. More information to come soon.

Guidelines for face masks?

o When students are working independently at their desks or when the teacher is providing whole group instruction, students do not have to wear a mask. When students are participating in small group instruction with peers and the teacher, a face mask must be worn. When students are walking in the hallway or across the classroom, face masks must be worn. A face mask is now apart of the school dress code. If a student does not wear a face mask it will be considered a dress code violation. If a student repeatedly does not wear their face mask, they will be switched to digital learning, and loose their privilege to attend face to face learning. If you child cannot wear a face mask due to a medical reason, the parent must provide a doctor’s note, and your child will be socially distanced from others. It will be mandatory for all staff to wear a face mask

Will the school be implementing temperature checks?

o Temperature checks will be conducted daily on staff and students. Any staff member or student exhibiting a fever will be asked to go home.

▪ Will the school be implementing A/C disinfecting system?

o We are planning on installing this system as soon as the supplies are available.

▪ Will the school be providing reusable masks?

o Yes, we will be providing 5 washable masks to each student. This will be a one-time allocation.

Will there be sanitation stations in every room?

o Each classroom bathroom will have disinfecting hand soap as well as the student hallway bathrooms, hand sanitizer in each classroom, and hand sanitizing stations throughout the hallways.

If a student comes to school without a mask, what is the process?

o We will have back up masks to provide for a limited time while supplies lasts.

If I ordered a supply kit but I am doing digital learning how do I get my supply kit back?

o Will organize a pickup day once supply kits have been delivered to the school.

▪ Will staff be tested before school starts?

o Staff will only be required to get tested and show a negative result before school starts if they traveled out of the country or by a cruise ship 14 days prior to the start of school or exhibiting COVID symptoms. We are asking the same for our students.

How will parents be notified if the teacher or other students in the class test positive?

o If someone in your child’s specific class as tested positive you will be contact and informed on the procedure. If someone with in the school, but not in your child’s class, has tested positive, all parents of the school, no matter your learning model, will be notified. Names of students and staff who test positive will never released. We ask that you respect the privacy of those who do test positive. If you happen to find out the name of someone with in the school who tests positive, please do not post their name on social media, that could be a violation of their HIPPA rights.

If my child starts face to face and tests positive, what happens?

o If they need to stay home for an extended time due to testing positive, they may transition to digital learning for 14 days or however long they need for recovery. Students may only return to school with a negative test result.

If my child starts face to face and a family member tests positive, what happens?

o Each exposure will be handled on a case by case basis. It would depend on the level of contact your child has with that family member. If you think your child has been exposed, please keep your child home from school and contact someone from the admin team as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

If someone in the classroom tests positive, how will the others in the classroom be handled?

o Each exposure will be handled on a case by case basis. The administration team will collect the details and consult with The Osceola School District on what steps to take. It is possible, that an entire classroom may have to transition to digital learning while under a 14-day quarantine. So please prepare yourself and your child for that. There will be no exceptions for allowing an exposed child into school.

▪ How will speech/Language/OT/ESE services work digitally?

o Your child’s service provider will contact you to set up digital services. Please understand that these service times will be scheduled during normal school hours.

▪ Will free breakfast and lunch be offered?

o The School District of Osceola County will continue to provide us with our school nutrition program. However, there will be CDC guidelines in place. All food will be packaged and sealed. Students will not be allowed to touch any food times. All students will be served their food by placing their food items on their tray. All servers will be wearing gloves and masks. Students will eat their meals in their classrooms at their desk to ensure proper social distancing. Breakfast will only have a cold food item option; lunch will have a hot food item option.

**If you are a digital learner and would like to receive free breakfast and lunch, we are still waiting for a response from the School District as to where you would go to receive that service.

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