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e learnDear Osceola Science Parents/Guardians:

Thank you for waiting patiently during the past week as we made our way to developing a comprehensive plan that will carry us through the first week of e-learning and more at Osceola Science Charter.

Phase I of e-learning (Monday, March 23rd -Friday, March 27th)

District will start e-Learning on Monday, March 30th but we have taken this first week, known as Phase I, to adjust to the e-learning platform, find our rhythm, provide assignments, distribute as many devices to families in need as possible, and call our families with students who need technical support. Under current circumstances, we feel as prepared as possible to transition to Phase I. We will start implementing our e-Learning Phase I plan on Monday, March 23rd. Starting early will help us have a smooth transition to Phase II of e-learning for students and parents. It will take time to paradigm shift to e-Learning environment for everyone. We are hoping that the following steps for students and parents will be implemented during Phase I of e-Learning. We encourage you to take the time to talk with your student about what lies ahead in e-learning and the value of engaging in the e-learning process.


Have login information to all online resources and OSCS Connect

Download all essential software and applications

Familiarize themselves with all online resources and develop a self-paced study habit

Adjust themselves to follow the new daily schedule created by their parents

Learning daily routines and adjusting themselves according to new expectations

Being ready for Phase II of e-learning


Create a daily schedule you and your child can follow to keep your day organized

Identify age-appropriate online and offline resources that your child will use to keep learning

Dedicate a time every day for a family meeting to discuss concerns, wins, plans — and just to bond and have fun!

Adjusting to their new role as a LEARNING COACH for their students.

Setting up a disruption free study environment for their students

Setting up technology for their students to have a productive e-learning experience and help them become familiar with the technology

Phase II of e-learning (Monday, March 30th -Wednesday, April 15th)
When students return to e-learning Days on Monday, March 30th, we will move into Phase II of e-learning.

During Phase II, we will officially transition to incorporating a combination of live, recorded, and vetted instructional videos to deliver mini-lessons, now inclusive of new content. Live instruction will be recorded and posted for future viewing in order to allow families the viewing flexibility we all need right now. Our teachers are positioned, prepared, and committed to providing instruction that will best equip our students to access their current 4th quarter curriculum and ensure they are prepared for the next grade level. To ensure that our students are ready, it will require us to teach new content, specifically 4th quarter standards, in an engaging e-learning environment.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with our school and especially with our teachers as you communicate with them about your student and about the new processes and practices that are being established. We realize that this level of e-learning is new for everyone involved --the students, teachers, parents and school administrators. I assure you that our commitment and dedication to providing an excellent education to all our students is unwavering. Know that our staff is working incredibly hard to engage all students in the learning process. We appreciate your patience, support, understanding, and kindness as we transition to Phase II of e-learning.

We look forward to seeing your learner in our virtual learning environment on Monday, March 23rd.

Accessing The Learning Platform: Parent should have login information to access OSCS Connect and other online resources. If you don’t have login information, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Digital Device Needs: Should your student need access to a digital device to engage with schoolwork, Osceola Science has a limited number of Chromebooks that will be made available to loan to students. Our Tech support team will contact parents according to Parent Technology Survey results.

For Students Without Access to A Digital Device: Paper packets will be available for students in elementary and middle school and will be uploaded to OSCS Connect. Completed packets should be submitted to Connect or emailed to homeroom teachers for elementary and subject teachers for Middle School by the due dates.

Special Needs Students: If you have a special needs student whom is struggling with distance learning, please contact the Exceptional Student Education coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learning Platform(s): OCSC Connect will be used for entering grades.

WiFi Access: Thanks to Spectrum, free WiFi will be provided for 60-days to students and families in their service area. To enroll, parents should call 1-844-488-8395. All installation fees will be waived for new student households. WiFi hotspots across Spectrum’s footprint will also be available for public use.

Student Grades: Students will continue to earn grades based on their progress in their classes. Student grades for assignments completed through digital learning and/or packets will be entered into Connect and averaged to assign the fourth quarter grade. Grades and credits will continue to count toward promotion and/or graduation.

Student Attendance: Students’ attendance will be documented based on the completion and submission of assigned lessons/packets. If they do not complete lessons or submit completed packets by the due date, they will be considered absent. Students need to complete and submit their assignments to be recorded as present.

Student Instructional Hours: We expect students to spend between 3 -4 hours on their assignments each day, Monday through Friday, during the extended school closure. Frequent breaks, healthy activities, and healthy snacks are recommended to break up screen time. Students should complete an assignment daily/weekly for each content area or class period depending on their due dates.

Effective immediately, our school and offices will be closed to the public. Parents in need of service are encouraged to communicate with school staff using the telephone during regular office hours, via email, or through Class Dojo.

Effective immediately, all special events, athletic events, and special activities scheduled through the end of school year will be canceled. We will begin reimbursement of any funds already paid for events and field trips and will begin processing refunds to students and families.

Enrollment for New Students: The district is working to pilot a new online registration process starting Monday, March 30. We will follow district’s online platform for new students’ enrollments starting Monday, March 30th. Parents looking to enroll a new student while school is closed are encouraged to contact our registrar at 321-690-4040 ext. 106 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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