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Book Talk

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 One of the ways we are working with students on their EP goals is by doing Book Talks.  Students will be working with Mrs. Trujillo on how to do the Book Talk, what is expected, and how it matches their EP goals.  The Book Talks will  be recorded and used in other classrooms, their own classrooms, and some will be posted on Facebook and our website.  Some of the work may be completed during class and some may be completed at home.  Third graders will also be creating Book Talks during their reading instruction.  The first two Book Talks that were created used Shadow Puppet Edu.  Some of the other apps that will be used are ChatterPix, Popplet, Quiver, and other apps/websites chosen by the students. 

We are also starting parent meetings at our school to discuss issues that go along with gifted students, opportunities for your students, resources for families, and how to advocate for your child.  These will be called C.H.A.T., which stands for Connect, Help, Advocate, and Talk.  An email will be sent out to parents about the first meeting shortly. 


                                         Please click on the link  below for audio of the books!

                                         First Group book talk: `The Hotel is Hunted`

                                         Third Grade Book talk: `George`s Marvelous Med